SPIN Selling Portfolio

The SPIN® Selling Portfolio is based on a proven approach to deepening sales conversations with a customer through advanced questioning skills. These training programs provide a comprehensive and structured approach to improving a sales team’s ability to engage customers with insightful dialogue and plan the best strategy for advancing the sale. The programs in this portfolio are highly customized and incorporate modern adult learning principles.

Products in this portfolio

SPIN® Selling Conversations is a one-day advanced questioning program that leverages SPIN Selling’s proven methodology to help organizations conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes and build trustworthy relationships with customers.

Buyer Focused Playbook Workshop™ is an interactive session to create customized Playbooks that support SPIN-trained sales teams in planning and conducting more effective, customer-focused sales calls.

Buyer Focused Prospecting™ fills an urgent need for consultative, business-to-business sales organizations that are not getting the prospecting results they require.

SPIN® 2.0 is an intensive selling skills program, developed from groundbreaking research that incorporates a proven, real-world sales methodology to help companies develop profitable relationships with customers in difficult markets.

Coaching SPIN® 2.0 enables sales managers and other executives in coaching roles to effectively support salespeople by providing real-world guidance in the context of actual sales conversations.

The Buyer Focused Opportunity Strategy™ program teaches participants how to get to the decision-maker faster, deal with competition, understand buyer psychology and identify new business within existing customer accounts

Buyer Aligned Negotiations Workshop™ is a unique program, combining a proven behavioral success model with a logical planning process. The program uses a highly interactive format to teach sales professionals how to negotiate the best deal while still satisfying the other party.

SPIN® Train the Trainer (T3) is an interactive workshop providing professionals in organizational development and sales management with the tools to deepen their understanding of key learning objectives, processes, program content, research and models in order to provide opportunities to improve facilitation skills

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How We Deliver

Public workshops

Our popular public sales training workshops are intense one-to-three-day sales training programs open to anyone within your organization who may have direct or indirect contact with your customer base.

On-Site programs

Through our on-site option, a MHI Global facilitator will work with your sales organization to understand your exact business objectives to deliver a tailored sales training program. Customized materials are available for organizations that wish to incorporate their mission statements and ideologies into presentations used by sales program facilitators.


You may find it beneficial to certify individuals within your organization to facilitate MHI Global sales training programs. MHI Global's Train-the-Trainer programs allow participants to become MHI Global Client Associates by attending an intensive four-day workshop for each selling process to be implemented.


Convenient e-Learning sales training programs are designed for those members of your sales organization that support your sales force, including pre-sales, product marketing, and customer support.

Blended learning

Blended training learning consists of web delivery of the MHI Global concepts, theory, philosophy and approach, followed by an instructor-led classroom experience. Participants gain virtual "text-book" sales training and sales technique knowledge, while taking advantage of the brainstorming and synergy created when salespeople gather in the same room.

MHI Global for Sales Education

MHI Global's world-class sales strategy and sales performance methodologies are now available to colleges and universities.

Upcoming Workshops

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SPIN® 2.0 - Singapore - December 2

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SPIN® 2.0 Workshop - December 8th-9th 2015 - New York, NY