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Achieving customer success begins with your employees. The investment you put into their training, reinforcing positive behavior, and ensuring that they have skills across multichannel platforms is the most crucial piece in delivering experiences that your customers will rave about. MHI Global’s Customer Experience solutions meet every type of customer interaction scenario that your company needs, from face-to-face collaboration to phone conversations to digital communications and everything in-between. In addition, our Customer Experience solutions assist in the realm of technical support and field service, help reps identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and train managers to be great at coaching their customer-facing employees.

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Customer Experience Blog

The BEST Customer Experience Ever! NOT!

October 02, 2015

No company sets out to be annoying or make it difficult for the customer. Let’s look at how a company can improve on these areas. It’s up to organizations to look within and address these various “pain points” for customers. It’s not about removing all of the pain points, but there is certainly room for improvement within many organizations.

Who’s Responsible for Customer Success? Everyone!

September 23, 2015

Every employee matters when it comes to customer success. While at first blush this may seem like an overstatement, if you pause and think about it, it begins to make sense.  Cleaning crews matter. Shipping and receiving employees matter. HR employees matter. Customer-facing agents matter. Executive teams matter. Now, you may ask how cleaning crews matter to the customer experience, but think about it.

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