Customer Experience

Achieving customer success begins with your employees. The investment you put into their training, reinforcing positive behavior, and ensuring that they have skills across multichannel platforms is the most crucial piece in delivering experiences that your customers will rave about. MHI Global’s Customer Experience solutions meet every type of customer interaction scenario that your company needs, from face-to-face collaboration to phone conversations to digital communications and everything in-between. In addition, our Customer Experience solutions assist in the realm of technical support and field service, help reps identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and train managers to be great at coaching their customer-facing employees.

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Building Customer Loyalty - Tampa - Feb 17

Building Customer Loyalty - Dallas - March 2

Building Customer Loyalty - Tampa - March 15

Customer Experience Blog

What Do Customers Want? 4 Basic Things

January 28, 2016

One of the most important aims for any business is to expand its loyal customer base. It takes a significant financial investment to acquire new customers, so it makes more sense to develop, nurture and fully engage those you already have.

Banking on Facebook to Raise the Level of Your Customer Service Efforts

January 20, 2016

Remember when you used to have to go into an actual building to get the level of customer service you expect? Those days are long gone.

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