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That's a Wrap! 3 Tips for Improving Customer Service

October 09, 2015

Today wraps up Customer Service Week. While it’s nice to call attention to our industry during this week, we all know that celebrating, honoring, and inspiring those who service customers is a year-round job.
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A Culture of Service - Now THAT'S Something to Celebrate!

October 08, 2015

Customer Service Week is winding down, and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the everyday heroes in our industry. There are certainly individual customer service representatives who deserve recognition, but today we’re going to pan out and celebrate a company that regularly wears a superhero cape and delivers customer experiences that continually delight, surprise, and inspire.
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Wearing the Superhero Cape of Customer Service

October 07, 2015

This year’s theme celebrating Customer Service Week is “Customer Service Heroes,” and for the remainder of the week, we’ll highlight some great examples of customer service that went over and above the call of duty.
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We Are the World - A Global Celebration of Customer Service Professionals

October 06, 2015

It’s time to put on your party hat and celebrate with your colleagues around the world who support and serve customers. Today is a global celebration of all those who work to create great customer experiences.
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Happy Customer Service Week! Let’s Celebrate!

October 05, 2015

Today kicks off Customer Service Week. Customer Service Week is an international celebration for those who serve and support customers. MHI Global would like to personally honor everyone and anyone who works in the customer service industry, from contact-center agents to CEOs.
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