Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Impact Learning Systems, Channel Enablers and CSO Insights have merged to form MHIGlobal—the world’s most powerful sales and service performance company. We brought together the proven methodologies of the world’s most respected brands in sales and service learning and development to help you, and your organization BE READY.

Introducing the BE READY solutions. A powerful combination of years of data, expertise and research brought together to help your organization be sales ready, service ready, talent ready, insight ready, strategy ready and learner ready. They all work together as an end–to–end solution across your business. Start small or take a larger journey with us—the choice is up to you based on the challenges your business is facing.

Whether you’re in need of strengthening your training and development offerings, overcoming a specific challenge, or transforming your sales or service strategy, we can help.  We have some of the world’s leading sales leaders and service experts to help you with any need across your sales and service offerings.  And, our consultants and experts are armed to help you build and implement sound strategies and gain access to the most renown research arm in the business—keeping you abreast of industry trends, the latest research and insight that ensures you have expertise at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

MHI Global -Be Ready Model

Sales Ready


Sales people are measured. If you’re good, you get paid. Period. Every conversation, every phone call, every presentation, every negotiation and every implementation has critical pathways. Sales leaders, and your sales team, need to Be Ready to Perform for every one of them. Because performance defines these moments, and great performances lead to great sales.



Service Ready

Growth depends on retention and retention depends on service. 55% of companies fall flat or backwards year over year. Why? Because it’s no longer about a department. It’s about the company. It’s about making customer touch points consistent across sales, finance, service and marketing. It’s about making sure all customer-facing employees are service ready and relationships the sales team forms, the opportunities they close, stay put. It’s about every interaction being a representation of the company and it’s brand. Because keeping customers depends on it.

Talent Ready


Leadership runs your business. Talent ensures you are successful. Identifying the skills your business needs, the process and science behind recognizing a true top performer, and evaluating success and talent accurately reveals the secret code for improving performance, and ultimately, business success. We can help you Be Ready to Assess Talent so you can be confident that what you are measuring is what matters most.


Strategy Ready


To form strategy is to understand the path you need to take. To execute that strategy effectively requires an intricate look at methodology, process, technology, talent, and current models and beliefs. Strategy is the cornerstone to identifying the right applications for your business that will bring optimal results. It’s about digging into current state and using it to build future state, from talent to compensation to processes to methodology. Do you have the right roles and the right people? Is your process effective at driving change and does leadership understand how to carry the torch? We prepare companies to Be Ready to uncover, formulate and execute the best path forward.

Learner Ready


Learning isn’t simply about training. It’s not about forcing a pre-made model onto an organization. It’s about a flexible solution that adapts to your environment and the way your workforce consumes information best. Learning is a continuous effort that empowers service and sales initiatives. Effective learning leads to effective performance and effective performance leads to effective service and positive brand exposure. We build a relationship with you so you can build better relationships with your customers. And we do it in the most valuable way for you, not for us.


Insight Ready


You can’t build a business on quicksand and expect it to stay upright. And you can’t build a strong foundation for sales and service without insights and knowledge of current market trends, data points and measurements. That’s why we have a rich history in expertise, trends and coaching focused on sales and service and driven by analytics. And that’s why we continue to invest in these efforts. We don’t have to get the insight, we know the data. And we can ensure you are always Ready to know what’s going on, so you can make the best decisions for your business.


MHI Global understands the journey begins with the customer, which is why customer needs drive every discussion around helping you be ready to perform. Our proven methodologies, processes and tools solve real-world challenges and provide measureable results. Our breadth of data, research and expertise builds a foundation of consulting, strategy and solutions that can’t be matched. Whether your organization is good and just needs to get better, has a specific challenge that requires insight and strategy, or is in need of sales and service transformation, we can help.

When you participate in any MHIGlobal programs, you work your organizations with real-time opportunities and apply the practices from MHIGlobal, so the application and the outcome are synced from the moment the conversation between us begins. Before the program, you will identify issues and opportunities in your own accounts, and during the program, you will set strategies and action plans that fit your individual needs. Our approach creates an interactive, dynamic climate, which actively encourages feedback and discussion.

We offer several delivery options to meet your needs:


Public Workshops

On-Site Programs



Blended Learning

MHI Global is proud to be part of the TwentyEighty company.

TwentyEighty is a one of the largest workforce development companies in the world and is powered by some of the premier brands in the industry, such as Miller Heiman, VitalSmarts, Forum, Strategy Execution and Omega Performance. Our solutions are designed to help companies improve business results through the areas of Leadership Performance, Sales Performance, Credit Performance and Strategic Execution.

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